Course 2: Patience

Patience might open a lot of doors and opportunities, however it requires a lot of different skills to build up your patience. Can you read body language well? Do you feel confident enough to share your empathy? Are you able to detect the tone of another person without misunderstanding it?

 Answer these questions and test yourself!

When a supply chain disruption occurs and deliveries aren't on time, I am able to keep my cool and manage the situation proactively.

If a customer complains about a service or a product, I am able to listen closely and emphatise with their feelings in order to solve the problem effectively and taking into consideration their needs.

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I am able to perceive when someone has a patient or impatient tone with me, and likewise, I am able to verbally express a tone of patience.

I have a strong sense of what someone else is feeling based on their body language and facial expressions.

I feel confident when handling tricky conversations with difficult clients.

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