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Babel Idiomas

Babel Idiomas is a private language school in Málaga (Spain). We have been offering English language
courses and communication training since 1999 to students of all ages. Many of our students are adults
and need the language skills for their work. We also offer in company language and communication
training for local, regional, and national companies. We prepare and deliver tailor made training
programs to our clients and hold an ISO9001 quality certification for that.

Accademia IRSEI

Accademia IRSEI promotes studies and research in different fields such as innovation, technology
and economy, in which members and potential associates participate as research collaborators,
technical staff and educators according to their capacities and skills.
The Institute aims to create a new vision of education and work, consolidated on the basis of training
and in-service training courses, and on direct experience due to participation in the European project
management field, always pursuing the objective of improving skills and motivation in the sectors of
economic, entrepreneurial, innovative, industrial and social development.


YuzuPulse aims to bring innovation closer to the social economy and education. To do so, we accompany teachers in using ICT tools and gamification to offer innovative methods to teach languages and STEM, and to support the development of key skills and entrepreneurship in formal and non-formal education.

Website: | Facebook: YuzuPulse | LinkedIn: yuzupulse

Valodu Mape

Valodu Mape is a language school (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Latvian) with 15 years of experience in language teaching. We are located in Valmiera (Latvia), and our clients are youth and adults, including unemployed people, migrants, and others who have business in Latvia. We provide language training programs for persons in groups and for individuals. We prepare our programs tailored to meet every client’s needs. We also provide a wide range of translation services for business, non-profit organizations, and national and local authorities, as well as to individuals. We work closely with state institutions and provide language classes to jobseekers suitable for all levels.


Eurospeak began as a private English language school based in the UK which is accredited by the British Council and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). In 2021, we continued to expand and established our educational technology-focussed spin-off, Eurospeak Ireland.

Eurospeak Ireland is an educational technology company dedicated to delivering educational products and training. We deliver online English language classes tailored to the needs of individuals and groups as well as design and develop innovative educational tools such as e-courses, online assessments, and more. Our diverse team of teachers, researchers and IT specialists make it possible for us to produce high- quality learning materials that meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving society.

Additionally, Eurospeak has a special focus on helping disadvantaged groups, whom we aim to support through our participation in Erasmus+ projects.

Eurospeak promotes actions that take an innovative and creative approach to the
inclusion of marginalised groups such as migrants, refugees, the unemployed, LGBT+, and older people.


INDEPCIE (Institute for the personal development, entrepreneurship, coaching and Emotional
Intelligence) is a training company founded in 2018 focused in the attitudinal training and the
improvement of human performance.

The company works with clients with the aim of increasing their results both in personal or
professional areas, developing techniques and strategies in the areas of coaching, Emotional
Intelligence, soft skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

INDEPCIE trains persons, so both the individuals and their organizations acquire skills and habits
leading to a continuous improvement. The staff uses the most advanced techniques in training to
develop and achieve this ambitious goal as experts in team management, emotional management
and motivation.

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