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Talk Retail
Talk Retail3 months ago
🌟 Exciting news! Our Italian partner, Accademia IRSEI, organized the Final Event for the Talk Retail project last night at 📌High Hops in Palermo 🇮🇹

With the occasion of the Language Exchange event hosted by the venue, attendees included our target audience and curious individuals.

The Talk Retail project aims to create a comprehensive guide to transversal and international communication skills in the retail sector.

Stay tuned as we develop online courses and self-assessment tests to promote learning and skill evaluation for retail workers! 🛍️✨

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Talk Retail
Talk Retail3 months ago
Are you an 🇮🇹 italian entrepreneur, a retailer, planning your export strategy? Do you want to enhance your soft skills and your English to effectively communicate with international business partners?

Join Accademia IRSEI at the Talk Retail – International Communication for Retail – Multiplier Event for the Talk Retail project.

🗓️ Tuesday, March 26th, 2024
🕒 from 8:30 PM
📌 High Hops, Via Giuseppe Patania 34, Palermo

Discover more on the #Facebook event!

#improvinginternationalcommunication #internationalcommunication #englishinretail
Talk Retail
Talk Retail3 months ago
Join our international networking platform!

What is there for you? Opportunity to:
✅ Find new partners and/or customers;
✅ Share your experience and learn from others;
✅ Learn specifics about international retail market;
✅ Practice your international business English and communication skills.

ℹ️ Visit , find it in the “Results” section and register your business.

Let’s build the retail network together!🤝

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Talk Retail
Talk Retail
Talk Retail4 months ago
Talk Retail is coming to an end! 😱

The last resources are uploaded on the website progressively.
You can now find our tool of self-assessment in all languages of the consortium (EN, IT, ES, LV, FR)➡️

Our User Guide on the self-assessment will be published very soon, so keep an eye on our project website and our page 😊

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on our productions and to share them if you find them useful 😉

Photo source: Marek Levak from Pexels
Talk Retail
Talk Retail4 months ago
New blog! 🥳

This new blog is about Retail Customer Service, how to understand its importance in the retail sector and how to improve it.

We hope it can be useful for you 😉

Remember that you can find it in our website with the audio option just here:

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels.

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Talk Retail
Talk Retail4 months ago
🌟 Unlock the Power of Communication! 🗣️
Whether in business or daily life, effective communication is key to success. 😊 Feeling nervous about an upcoming interview or hesitant to speak up in meetings? Don’t worry! Join us for an enlightening talk and podcast where you’ll discover techniques to boost your confidence and communicate with clarity. 🎙️ Let’s empower ourselves to thrive in every interaction! 💼
Video link:

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